Detour Publications - Environmental Books Catalogue
Detour Publications - Environmental Books Catalogue
Detour Publications - Environmental Books Catalogue
Detour Publications - Environmental Books Catalogue
Detour Publications - Environmental Books Catalogue
Detour Publications - Environmental Books Catalogue
Detour Publications - Environmental Books Catalogue
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A Place for Everything
(Urban Planning & Development,
Geography, Revitalizing Communities)

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Detour Publications

American Ground Transport:
A Proposal for Restructuring the Automobile, Truck, Bus and Rail Industries

Bradford C. Snell

Between 1930 and 1950, North America's railed transit systems were systematically bought up and scrapped. The culprits, the well-documented story goes, were GM and other petroleum and automotive interests. Decades later, U.S. government attorney B. C. Snell investigated the evidence and found largely in favour of the claim. Conspiracy theory, urban myth or social history, the Snell report is a fascinating primary source.

Photocopied from the Original 1974 U.S. Government Report/ 150 Pages /
$10.00 CDN, $7.50 US

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Detour Publications

Better Not Bigger:
How to Take Control of Urban Growth and Improve your Community

Eben Fodor, 1999

Contrary to accepted wisdom, rapid urban growth can leave communities permanently scarred, deeply in debt, with unaffordable housing, a lost sense of community, and sacrificed environmental quality.

In Better NOT Bigger, Fodor explodes the fundamental myth that growth is good for us and that more development will bring in more tax money, add jobs, lower housing costs, and reduce property taxes. Lively and well-illustrated, Better NOT Bigger provides insights, ideas, and tools to empower citizens to switch off their local "growth machine" by debunking the pro-growth rhetoric. Highly accessible to ordinary citizens as well as professional planners.

192 Pages / 8.5 x 5.5 / $19.95 CDN, $15.95 US

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Detour Publications

Bomb the Suburbs
William Upski Wimsatt, 1994

The title is a metaphor (for spray painting), so don't let it put you off. If you do, you'll miss out on the freshest, crispest critique of cities and suburbs, racial and community politics, subways and el trains, through the eyes of a hop-hop graffiti writier and sociologist extraordinaire. A paradigm-breaking book written with uncompromising street smarts.

112 Pages / $12.75 CDN , $8.95 US

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Detour Publications

Carfree Cities
J. H. Crawford, 2000

Imagine life in a city free from the noise, stench, and danger of cars and trucks. Imagine that all basic needs, from groceries to child care, lie within a five-minute walk of every doorstep. Imagine that no commute takes more than 35 minutes from door to door, and that service is provided by a fast, cheap, safe, comfortable public transport system. This is the future that J.H. Crawford envisions in Carfree Cities.

Crawford argues unapologetically that the car is a technology that has run wild, and that the time has come to reclaim city streets for human activities. He proposes a city planned to maximize the quality of life for individuals and communities, and gives practical suggestions for implementing this basic design in both new and existing cities. By rejecting the assumption that continued car use in cities is inevitable, Crawford takes us a step closer to the tantalizing possibility of a return to the pattern of lively, attractive streets that we had enjoyed for thousands of years, until the advent of automobiles.

Hardcover, 324 pages, 60 drawings, 170 photographs / $49.95 CDN, $29.95 US

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Detour Publications

Change of Plans:
Towards a Non-Sexist Sustainable City

Margrit Eichler, ed, 1995

Few of us recognise that our struggles for equality take place within an urban environment that is quite literally man-made. Change of Plans peels away many assumptions about our city environments, and contributes to the growing literature on sustainability by merging it with a feminist approach.

185 Pages / $21.95 CDN / $13.85 US

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Detour Publications

City Comforts:
How to Build an Urban Village

David Sucher, 1995

A highly visual, easy to understand tool for building liveable neighbourhoods.

Sucher's book stands above much urban ecology literature because of its straightforward, concise and witty approach. He cuts through technical language to offers great ideas in an accessible form - an example is his advice to "use small work to describe the landscape."

Says New Urbanism author Peter Katz, "City Comforts reminds one that there are literally hundred of little things - both functional and beautiful - that makes a successful urban place. The book's attention to detail stands in contrast to the kind of 'silver bullet' thinking that has wrought so much destruction and failure."

$25.50 CDN, $18.00 US

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Detour Publications
Critical Mass:
Transport, Environment and Society in the 21st Century

John Whitelegg, 1997

Transport policies demand enormous resources to put into practice and are still incapable of resolving basic problems of safety, health, welfare and congestion. Yet how can we address these vital issues whilst we are so dependent on the car? John Whitelegg argues that such dilemmas are universal: they are shared, in particular, throughout Europe, Asia and North America, and can only be solved globally by a shared recognition of communality. At the centre of the argument is the theory that transport is inextricably linked with consumerism and the lifestyles that car ownership has created.

In this far-reaching and original study of the international transport crisis, Professor Whitelegg reviews the challenge to environmentalists and planners to replace a deviant technology with an alternative that is 'people friendly', genuinely sustainable and capable of solving the fundamental problems of poverty, inequity and failing social development.

251 pages / $32.95 CDN, $21.99 US

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Detour Publications

Design With Nature
Ian L. McHarg, 1995

In the twenty-five years since it first took the academic world by storm, Design With Nature has done much to redefine the fields of landscape architecture, urban and regional planning, and ecological design. It has also left a permanent mark on the ongoing discussion of mankind's place in nature and nature's place in mankind within the physical sciences and humanities. Described by one enthusiastic reviewer as a "user's manual for our world," Design With Nature offers a practical blueprint for a new, healthier relationship between the built environment and nature. In so doing, it provides nothing less than the scientific, technical, and philosophical foundations for a mature civilization that will, as Lewis Mumford ecstatically put it in his Introduction to the 1969 edition, "replace the polluted, bulldozed, machine-dominated, dehumanized, explosion-threatened world that is even now disintegrating and disappearing before our eyes."

208 Pages / $69.95 CDN, $49.95 US

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Detour Publications

Earth Future: Stories from a Sustainable World
Guy Dauncey, 1999

If we can visualize a paradise on Earth, we can create one! Imagine a future in which people had successfully come to terms with each other and with our spaceship home, where we used only as many resources as would regenerate in a given year, and where we were actually restoring the Earth's bounty.

Set in the early years of the new millennium, Earthfuture is a book of short stories which describe a world of ecovillages and self-organizing city neighborhoods, of near-zero garbage and climate-friendly cars, of work-sharing and social investment, of neighborhood democracy and the syntropy revolution, of a world-wide sustainable trade and environment treaty, and the Earth Pledge. In short, a world where wealth is defined by peace, a healthy environment, and the high quality of our relationships.

176 Pages / $17.95 CDN, $14.95 US

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Detour Publications

Building Cities in Balance With Nature

Richard Register, 2002
Foreword by Hazel Henderson

This comprehensive volume, written by one of the world's leading urban theorists and activists, is a feast of thoroughly-researched information for concerned citizens and planners. After presenting a powerful theoretical framework based on the city's place in evolution, Register offers a history of the city, from its origins to the present, identifying what has worked and what hasn't. He then describes his vision of the city of the future, a dense, lively and sustainable city that assists its residents in the pursuit of rewarding ways of life while protecting nature's resources.

Perhaps most importantly, Ecocities doesn't stop at description. It shows how groups and individuals can work, step-by-step, to make the city of the future a reality. This work is filled with surprising insights, persuasive case studies, poetic visions of future urban spaces, and tales of success and failure and the lessons learned.

A vital resource by the author of Toward Sustainable Communities.

290 Pages / $27.50 CDN , $17.00 US

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Detour Publications

Eco-City Dimensions:
Perspectives on Sustainable Communities

Mark Roseland, ed., 1996

Many of our most critical global environmental concerns are rooted at the local level, so it follows that local communities may offer the brightest promise for solving many pressing world-scale problems. Eco-City Dimensions examines this crucial role that cities play in planetary health.

A vital resource by the writer of the author of Toward Sustainable Communities.

224 Pages with 20 Illustrations / $18.95 CDN, $14.95 US

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Detour Publications

Ecological Design
Sim Van Der Ryn & Stuart Cohen, 1995

Ecological Design presents a vision of how the living world and the human world can be rejoined by taking ecology as the basis for design--adapting and integrating human design with natural processes. The authors weave together case studies, personal anecdotes, images and theory to provide a thorough treatment of the concept of ecological design

200 Pages / Tables, figures, index / $32.95 CDN, $21.95 US

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Detour Publications

Ecological Design and Planning
George F. Thompson and Frederick R. Steiner, Editors, 1997

The essays contained in this book are written by a cross section of the most respected teachers and practitioners of landscape design from around the globe. Ecological Design and Planning offers a unique opportunity to learn about the latest thinking and practices in the art and science of ecological landscape design from such leading lights as Michael Laurie, Carol Franklin, Laurie Olin, Elizabeth Meyer, Mark Johnson, and Ian McHarg.

The common thread that runs through these essays is the authors' conviction that the growing rift in landscape design - ecology vs. aesthetics - is an artificial one. Each author expresses abiding concern for the ecological preservation and enhancement of the site, while demonstrating clearly - with both words and pictures - that the best designs are those that harmonize aesthetic form and ecological function. Ecological Design and Planning is a source of ideas and inspiration for landscape architects and planners, architects, and all those who understand the importance of designing with nature.

Hardcover, 368 Pages / $90.50 CDN, $56.50 US

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Detour Publications

Edge City:
Life on the New Frontier

Joel Garreau, 1992

Defines, anatomizes and - some would say - fetishizes the "new downtowns" that have sprung up on the outskirts of traditional North American cities. From Meadowlands, New Jersey, to Silicon Valley, California, to Mississauga, Ontario - edge cities are here to stay, and Garreau is their guru. A problematic book, but required reading for the well-rounded urbanist.

548 Pages / $25.95 CDN, $17.95 US

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Detour Publications
European Transport Policy and Sustainable Mobility
Edited by J. Akerman, D. Banister, K. Dreborg, P. Nijkamp, R. Schleicher-Tappeser, 2000

Fully edited text arising from a major European Commission research project. The book sets current European transport policy in context and includes forces of change, transport trends, policy responses and impacts on sustainable development.

272 Pages / $56.50 CDN, $35.40 US

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Detour Publications

For the Health of the Land:
Previously Unpublished Essays and Other Writings

Arnold Leopold, 2001

Aldo Leopold's classic work A Sand County Almanac is widely regarded as one of the most influential conservation books of all time. In it, Leopold sets forth an eloquent plea for the development of a "land ethic"-a belief that humans have a duty to interact with the soils, waters, plants, and animals that collectively comprise "the land" in ways that ensure their well-being and survival.

For the Health of the Land, a new collection of rare and previously unpublished
essays by Leopold, builds on that vision of ethical land use and develops the concept of "land health" and the practical measures landowners can take to sustain it. The writings are vintage Leopold-clear, sensible, and provocative, sometimes humorous, often lyrical, and always inspiring.

The book's conservation message and practical ideas are as relevant today as they were when first written over fifty years ago. For the Health of the Land represents a stunning new addition to the literary legacy of Aldo Leopold.

262 Pages / 5.5 x 8.25 / Illustrations / $22.95 CDN, $15.00 US

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Detour Publications

Future Transport in Cities
Brian Richards, 2002

Richards shows that attractive and practical alternatives to a car dependent society are possible. With the growth of car ownership and use reaching crisis proportions in our cities it is imperative to find and implement alternatives if cities are to survive and prosper. He reveals how transport technology is developing, in particular, showing how it can be integrated into the urban environment.

The book opens with a look at the "best" of current transportation systems and goes on to explore such advanced technologies as automated highways, covered cities, monorails, new elevated systems, smart cars, guided buses, as well as intelligent highways, and car-free housing. The importance, too, of simple measures such as walking and cycling are covered as being an essential part of any future city as well as that of an "integrated transport" if people are to be encouraged to get out of their cars.

224 Pages / 224 pages / 5.5 x 8.5 / $53.95 CDN, $34.20 US

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Detour Publications

Get a Life!
How to Make a Good Buck, Dance Around with Dinosaurs, and Save the World while You're at it

Wayne Roberts and Susan Brandum, 1995

The ultimate how-to book for people who want to combine financial success with jobs that make a difference.

The author's criss-crossed North America to find hundreds of leading-edge self-employment and guerrilla projects and pay off workers, neighbourhoods and the planet. The inspirational solutions they found lead the way out of the despair of old-style politics and economics.

Get a Life! offers a bold and constructive strategy for social and spiritual renewal that is neither left nor right - but way out in front.

344 Pages / $19.95 CDN

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Detour Publications

Green Cities
David Gordon

This anthology presents visions from around the world of an ecological urban model. It is a much needed prescription for the reformation of urban design and the reaffirmation of collective social goals.

299 Pages / $19.99 CDN, $14.99 US

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Detour Publications

Greening Cities:
Building Just and Sustainable Communities

Joan Roelofs, 1996

A treasure trove of practical ideas that shows how the values of social and environmental justice can be incorporated in local government policy, and how they shape voluntary efforts by community groups. Topics covered range from urban design, democracy and culture to transportation, energy and economy.

256 Pages / $41.95 CDN, $24.50 US

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