Detour Publications - Environmental Books Catalogue
Detour Publications - Environmental Books Catalogue
Detour Publications - Environmental Books Catalogue
Detour Publications - Environmental Books Catalogue
Detour Publications - Environmental Books Catalogue
Detour Publications - Environmental Books Catalogue
Detour Publications - Environmental Books Catalogue
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Back On Track
(Transit and Trains)

Detour Publications

Back on Track:
The Global Rail Revival

Marcia Lowe, 1994

Energy conservation, congestion, pollution and accident rates all point to the wisdom of a worldwide rail revival. This Worldwatch paper explores the implications of a return to the rails, and concludes we have reason to be cautiously optimistic.

56 Pages / $8.00 CDN, $5.00 US

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Detour Publications

Done and Been:
Steel Rail Chronicles of American Hobos

Gypsy Moon, 1996

Gypsy Moon has credentials from both sides of the tracks:
former director of the Indiana Transportation. Museum, and daughter of an ex-hobo. This book chronicles her how freight-hopping adventures, as well as presenting oral histories of numerous veteran hoboes. The romance of the rails lives on!

197 Pages / $18.50 CDN

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Detour Publications

Getting There:
The Epic Struggle Between Road and Rail in the American Century

Stephen B. Goddard, 1996

The clear and readable explication of how government policy in the U.S became so slanted in favour of cars and road, and against rail. Provides a useful perspective on the infamous National City Lines case and the continent-wide destruction of urban streetcar lines, locating the case in a larger pattern in which auto interests essentially robbed the populace of free choice in transportation modes. A good companion to the Snell report.

351 Pages / $22.50 CDN, $15.95 US

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Detour Publications
Integrated Mobility Systems
Phase I: Final Report & Supplementary Working Papers
IBI Group and Moving the Economy, 2002

The future of urban transportation is integrated. The power of connectivity drove the personal computer explosion, and now sustainable transportation is poised for a similar advance. The first Canadian effort of its kind to explore the deployment of mutli-modal multi-application smart cards, Integrated Mobility Systems (IMS) offers an innovative approach to increasing, improving, and integrating our transportation choices. Technology is used as an enabling tool to access and link to a wide range of urban and inter-city transportation options, tourist and other urban services and applications.

Led by Moving the Economy, the IMS final report is the culmination of work and research conducted over a period of 16 months. It is supplemented by six technical working papers (Final Report, Business Analysis, System Architecture, Demonstration and Evaluation). This package serves as an introduction and a guide for decision-makers in both the public and private sectors, and for those who provide a range of transportation and urban services and have an interest in multi-modal multi-application smart cards.

IMS Phase 2: Current Practise in Smart Card System Projects (.pdf)

IMS Phase 2: Update on State of Smart Card Industry and Standards (.pdf)

Compact Disc / $400.00 CDN, $ 250.00 US - Add to Cart
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Business Member: $300.00 CDN, $180.00 US - Add to Cart
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Independent Member: $75.00 CDN, $47.50 US - Add to Cart

Please contact regarding special discounts for not-for-profits, institutions with charitable status, and others.

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Detour Publications

Landmarks on the Iron Road:
Two Centuries of North American Railroad Engineering

William D. Middleton, 1999

A profusely illustrated, unprecedented engineering history of American railroads � bridges, mountain passes, tunnels, freight yards, docks, and terminals � from pioneer times to the present. This is a volume no rail fan or student of engineering should be without.

Hardcover / 216 Pages / 240 b&w photos, 8 1/2 x 11 / $58.95 CDN, $39.95 US

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Detour Publications

My Grandpa Plays With Trains
Myrna Neuringer Levy, 2001

A great train book for kids and adults alike! Alex and his grandfather both love to play with Grandpa's fantastic collection of toy trains. They take imaginary journeys and talk on the telephone about trains whenever they can. Now Alex wants his friend to share his adventures. Will she be as enchanted with the trains as he is?

32 Pages / 8 X 10 / Full Color Photographs / $14.95 CDN, $9.95 US

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Detour Publications

New Departures:
Rethinking Rail Passenger Policy in the Twenty-First Century

Anthony Perl, 2002

North America faces a transportation crisis. Gas-guzzling SUVs clog the highways and air travelers face delays, cancellations, and uncertainty in the wake of unprecedented terrorist attacks. New Departures closely examines the options for improving intercity passenger trains' capacity to move North Americans where they want to go.

While Amtrak and VIA Rail Canada face intense pressure to transform themselves into successful commercial enterprises, Anthony Perl demonstrates how public policy changes lie behind the triumphs of European and Japanese high-speed rail passenger innovations. Perl goes beyond merely describing these achievements, translating their implications into a North American institutional and political context and diagnosing the obstacles that have made renewing passenger trains so much more difficult in North America than elsewhere.

Hard Cover / 352 Pages / $49.95 CDN $29.95 US

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Detour Publications

The Great Machines:
Poems and Songs of the American Railroad

Robert Hedin, et, 1996

This entertaining and evocative anthology presents an amazing variety of poems and stories about trains and the railroads, covering the last 150 years. Includes selections from both oral and "classic" written traditions.

270 Pages / $24.50 CDN, $17.50 US

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Detour Publications
The Transit Metropolis:
A Global Inquiry
Robert Cevero, 1998

Around the world, mass transit is struggling to compete with the private automobile, and in many places, its market share is rapidly eroding. Yet a number of metropolitan areas have in recent decades managed to mount cost-effective and resource-conserving transit services that provide respectable alternatives to car travel. What sets these places apart?

In this book, noted transportation expert Robert Cervero provides an on-the-ground look at more than a dozen mass transit success stories, introducing the concept of the "transit metropolis"-a region where a workable fit exists between transit services and urban form. The author has spent more than three years studying cities around the world, and he makes a compelling case that metropolitan areas of any size and with any growth pattern-from highly compact to widely dispersed-can develop successful mass transit systems.

The Transit Metropolis provides practical lessons on how North American cities can manage sprawl and haphazard highway development by creating successful mass transit systems. This book is a unique and invaluable resource for transportation planners and professionals, urban planners and designers, policymakers and students of planning and urban design.

Read an on-line review of this book!

464 Pages / 7 x 10 / $67.95 CDN, $43.25 US

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Detour Publications

Trolleycars, Streetcars, Trams and Trolleys of North America:
A Photographic History

Frank Sullivan and Fred Winkowski, 1995

Traces the fascinating history of trolleycars, which once formed the transportation arteries of many North American cities. Includes a chapter on the mavericks, like funeral and postal cars. A glorious photographic celebration.

128 Pages with Colour Photos / $19.95, $14.95 US

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Detour Publications

Under the Sidewalks of New York:
The Story of the Greatest Subway System in the World

Brian J. Cudahy, 1995

The New York subway carries four million passengers daily, and can rightfully claim to be the "greatest". This book traces the history of the system, from the turn of the century to the present day. It is fully annotated and illustrated, and will appeal not just to transit buffs or New Yorkers - but to anyone interested in the way public institutions reflect and help create the essence of a city.

194 Pages / $32.95 CDN, $20.75 US

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